What surprises many parents is that reading does not depend on your child’s intelligence, but the brain’s ability to process verbal and non-verbal codes simultaneously.  If one or more areas of the brain have weak processing, then reading becomes difficult to decode or comprehend, or both.  

To function effectively in school and throughout life, every child must develop the cognitive skills that enable the child’s potential for learning in all other areas to be boundless.

The more the brain is trained, the more hard-wired cognitive skills become. Underlying academics, cognitive skills include auditory processing, visual processing, attention, memory, and executive functions like organization, planning and problem solving. If a child has any weakness in these cognitive skills, learning becomes a painful struggle for the student and everyone concerned.

Your child may be facing significant learning challenges if:

• your child is one or more grade levels below
   their current grade level in reading and math.

• your child is dyslexic, hyperlexic, has
  ADHD, autism or other learning disability.

• your child has brain trauma or injuries.

Our educational therapy and reading intervention programs are centered on one-on-one learning in a private and creative environment. Our passion is to help your child anchor a lasting foundation for learning success – empowering your child to chart a course to greater confidence and self-esteem.