Summer Learning Programs

The Literacy Room offer 40 hour programs in 4-week sessions so your student will make significant gains in a short amount of time. Research on direct on-on-one instruction confirms that 30-40 hours can raise student skills by an entire grade level or more. Contact Jena for customized programs.

Get The Big Picture Program
Ideal for 6th grade through College
Using the Visualizing and Verbalizing® process, your child will learn how to anchor images for abstract concepts, and thus deepen their comprehension. Your student will create an accordion-style timeline of history, beginning with the formation of the universe to ancient civilizations to modern day. By reading high-imagery vignettes of major worldwide historical events, your child will develop their concept imagery. Your student can use the timeline as a reference tool as they journey on through middle school to high school and college+. This program also helps increase SAT Reading Comprehension Scores.

Raise Your Reading Level Program
Ideal for K - 8+
This is an intense brain workout designed to increase the accuracy, rate and comprehension of the reader. Poor spelling? Trouble with identifying the number and placement of sounds within a word? Read slowly or word-by-word? Can't remember what was read by the end of the paragraph? This program cleans up the errors and increases comprehension. Your student will master prefixes and suffixes in multisyllabic words, and learn the basic Latin meanings of such affixes. Improved word attack skills and understanding of word meanings will enhance standardized test scores. Pre and post assessment recommended.

Face and Embrace The Math Program
Ideal for 3rd - 12th grade
Math is a required subject for every year of schooling, K - 12! Math is linear in nature, and if you miss a step, you can go back and master that skill. This program helps your child develop their overall number sense and computational skills. Your student will create a math journal complete with all the shortcuts, mnemonics, and formulas for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, algebra and geometry. If preparing for the SSAT/SAT/ACT, then particular focus for the math journal will target those math expectations.

Contact Jena to sign up for daily instruction in two-hour blocks. Payment plans available.