Our 4th grader was struggling with reading to the point where it was affecting her self-esteem. After doing some intensive work with Jena, she went from a 2nd grade reading level to a 4th grade reading level. But most importantly, from working with Jena, she rediscovered her passion for learning and the satisfaction of working hard to reach her goals. As a homeschooler this has transferred over to all of her subjects and we’re all having a lot more fun as home learners. Jena’s enthusiasm and creativity is an on-going inspiration to me and my role as a home educator.
— Leslie Davis
My family is crazy in love with Jena! With Jena’s help, my daughter overcame significant blocks to reading and went from not knowing her alphabet to plowing through Little House on The Prairie in just a few months. My two older daughters started math tutoring with Jena and in six months went from memorizing times tables to beginning seventh grade math (that’s four years of math!). She is a miracle worker and my girls are devoted to her. Every week, they can’t wait to get to Jena (which is a miracle in itself!). I am one very grateful mama. PS: she has the best lending library in town!
— Jody Lewis
My son can read! Jena allowed his natural curiosity to breathe and found special materials that matched who he was instead of making him follow a curriculum he didn’t relate with. Jena is magical!
— Jacqui Burge